LC Forstén Fotograf

Capturing life's moments, big and small, through portraiture and documentary story telling.

Photography in Stockholm, Sweden. Documentary photography focusing on families and weddings. Portraits of maternity, infants, children, families, professionals.


What I Capture - Still Moments

My photography practice encompasses a wide range of natural light portraiture, documentary coverage of events, and nature stills.  My subjects include families (defined broadly and including newborns) and professionals, I capture weddings and the peaceful stillness of the natural world around me.   


Family Photography

+ Maternity + Newborns + Infants + One-year Portraits + Teens + Seniors + Elders + Families of All Shapes and Definitions +

I began my business with the laughing and crying of littles and their people.  I would love to capture your family and all of the joy you share.  I work on location and with natural light.  Let's talk about capturing those moments that memory leaves behind.  


Professional Portraits

I work with professionals of many backgrounds but focus on images that are on the creative side for headshots.  I don't work with backdrops or perfect lighting.  I try to capture the essence of what you offer the world.  Ideal for healers, creative types, business people looking for a more approachable look.  



A day in the life of your vacation, weekend away, time together.  This time with everyone in the picture, and no worrying about taking time away from your kids to get those pictures.  Invite me to spend a day or two being your personal paparazzi, and we'll make an album you'll cherish forever.  


My training is in documentary photography and it's never more fun than at a wedding or other busy event to get to work on that!  More to come.  Site under editing.