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Capturing life's moments, big and small, through portraiture and documentary story telling.

Photography in Stockholm, Sweden. Documentary photography focusing on families and weddings. Portraits of maternity, infants, children, families, professionals.

Waiting, watching the snow fall, at 35 weeks

As Stockholm lay shrouded by a tauntingly mild winter of mostly ice and intermittent snow, this mama waited the arrival of her long-dreamed-of third child, who was born a boy just after the New Year, happy and healthy! Sofi is an exceptional woman; a nurse, a baby-wrap expert and enthusiast, and mama to two creative, kind, and silly boys who are amazing brothers. She is a goddess in her own right. As I composed images through my lens I was constantly taken aback by her beauty and prowess. She is a force when not 35 weeks pregnant and with the power of creation behind her… it was impressive to be in her space. I hope you enjoy!