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Weekly Journal: Nov 1 - 8

And then he was two.  

Bubba turned two this week and it's been a week of reflecting on so many wonderful things in my life.  I've been home with him full time for almost a year and watched this adorable baby grow into an amazing boy.  He speaks and understands two languages, he is adept on his feet, he loves all things that go.  He's an introvert and saves his best self for home.  My heart becomes richer with love every day.

I've also been out of the rat race for almost a year and have been growing back into myself.  I'm so happy to see my photography grow and improve, my photography AND law practice take shape, and find so much happiness and joy in life again.  And I get to be outside A LOT.  I'm lucky to have the support of my amazing wife who makes all this possible for me.  To be happy and loved, is there much more to life? xoL