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Forza Forsten rides again - Summer 2019

Childhood summers are magical in the memories of most, but for this family, summers meant several months of long, Scandinavian days, roving as a band of 8 cousins with an age span of 10 years playing soccer, taking out boats, “camping” on nearby islands, and always, always playing cards till the wee hours of the night. The parents, aunts, uncles, nannies and grandma were more likely to play along than say “no,” and when each of them talk about their summer memories, you can see a twinkle in their eyes. As everyone grew up the summers became shorter and the cousins more spread out as kids went to college, some got married and families used different summer cottages. Getting together requires a lot more coordination. But it is so worth it to bring the band back together.

An impromptu family reunion brought together the cousins, aunts, uncles, and the new generation of second cousins for a fun 24 hours of eating well, boat tours, playing soccer, and of course, playing cards.

Getting 25 people by boat to the cafe required 3 boats and a breakneck run by the littles to the cafe.

Farmor’s Cafe on Högsåra is pure magic. Amazing food, a beautiful garden setting and just enough play space for the kids to love it and the adults to almost get a full meal without chasing them.

The cafe gave way to a boat tour back to the island and as the younger set went to bed (and the photographer with them). Cards were played late into the night and after a slow start to the morning, a competitive soccer game was had the next day. Some of the players wore shoes, some of the players rode on their mama’s shoulders. Till next time!