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Advent Calendar 2017: 7 - Finland day 2

I got sick today and had a horrible headache, so the writing is taking a break.  I tried to hide under a pillow most of the day and convince Cora and the kids to go do something more fun.  But here is how Självstandihets Dag looked in Finland yesterday!  It was a bluebird day, for the few hours we had sunlight that is!  We took the city bus from Espoo to Helsinki despite Felix being mad as hell that we weren't staying home to play in the snow.  This is where Cora's cousin lives, just outside of Helsinki.  It's lovely and quiet, the sea is near by.  A hare lives in the neighborhood and hops around... it's huge!! 

I don't know how to photograph the light here yet, it is amazing.  The sunlight is golden and so lovely all the time it is up.  These pictures don't do it justice.

In town we met up with the rest of the family and walked around town, enjoying the light, and each other's company.  Cora's 90-year-old great aunt was in tow and we all enjoyed the lively mood of the city for the centennial Independence Day!

We then went to the Christmas Market, which was exactly what I'd hoped it would be, except that we were all cold and needed to warm up the kids and the 90 year old, so had limited time to look around.  

After warming up we went to the graveyard to honor the Finns who have passed who are also part of this important day.  Most honored are the veterans who fought to gain and preserve Finnish Independence.  It was a beautiful night, and so many people were out of all ages.  It was a beautiful tribute.  

To cap off our day, we went to  friend's house to watch the president's independence ball on TV and failed to get the kids to bed so we could enjoy ourselves.  Freja came to par-tay!  Glad 100 års Självstandighets Dag, Finland!  Heja, Finland!

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