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Advent Calendar 2017: Dec 25th - Merry Christmas!!

I am writing in my PJs exhausted from an amazing Jul and Christmas.  And I have about 6 minutes before we need to  leave for our next dinner... I think we're going to be a little late. 

I really think this has been the first "Best of Both Worlds" winter holiday season we've ever had.  I think writing this Advent Calendar helped me figure it out.  Our Jul celebration was so wonderful.  I went to a beautiful choral celebration before food prep got going in earnest, it was a lovely and peaceful moment.  Food took a long time to serve, as it always does, and the kids did really well with the starving until over-indulging.  The food was amazing!!  It was every classic dish I was hoping for.  The food prep was half the fun and there were way way too many cooks in the kitchen, but only because there wasn't any space left for anyone to work.  i didn't get any pictures of us enjoying the food because I don't like having a camera at the table, but I may have to stop minding my manners because it was just too good to not share.  The thing I REALLY wished I had captured was a video of all 13 adults loudly singing snapps songs with great joy and merriment!  The room echoed to Hej Tomte Gubbar and Helan Går.

Then... SANTA CAME!!  He only brought one present each for the kids, who were both terrified and overjoyed.  The gifts he brought were perfect.  The Lego Batman Scuttler for Batboy, a ladybug backpack for Batgirl, and a Pippi and Herr Nilsson doll for Cousin M.  Then, as tradition has it, Uncle Jan directed the kids in helping pass out packages, primarly for the kids, and we opened too many things, the toddlers melted and couldn't handle any more.  We finally made our way home around midnight and had a few hours to get ready for round two and rest.

When the kids woke up, Jul Tomten had been back.  Batboy set me straight.  And the tomtar had organized all the gifts from family that we hadn't yet opened so we had a proper tear-into-the-presents chaos.  Everyone was very happy with their gifts and stocking goodies.  Batgirl loved the oranges in her stocking and Cora and I enjoyed M&Ms and coffee.  Much.  Needed.  Coffee.  It was amazing.  And now we have to run... and I'm hoping there will be some more snapps songs to record for you!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!  AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!