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Advent Calendar 2017: Dec 21st - the Winter Solstice

Dec 21st – The winter Solstice

PhotoCredit: Cora Forsten

PhotoCredit: Cora Forsten

Today is the winter solstice.  Just about every celebration between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is one version or another of the celebration of light in the darkness.  Up here at the top of the world, the darkness people are trying to illuminate is real.  It’s long, and I imagine outside of the bright big city, it’s quite dark.  And I love it.  Maybe its all these years of too little sleep between school, babies, and work  and packing up our life and moving abroad, but I long for a long winters hibernation.  I Iove the deep darkness of the winter solstice.  I do not see any reason to be afraid of the darkness.  Mean people in the dark, sure, but not the darkness on its own.  The winter is a time when seeds lay dormant, waiting to become something amazing.  There is so much possibility in that, and I love it. 

So today we’re going out to the nature reserve at sunset (you know, at 2pm) to celebrate the longest night and how the darkness holds possibility.  We’ll light some candles and set some new-years’-like intentions for where this crazy adventure is going to take us and where we’ll take it.  We’ll enjoy a walk in the crisp clear winter wonderland and enjoy some time together celebrating the season.  And then we’ll come back to our home with stars in every window, lights on the tree, and candles around every corner and enjoy some warm food and kid snuggles, because the lights in the darkness are also amazing.  And I’m going to really, really try to go to bed early.  Really.  I’ll try anyway…

Tomorrow you’ll get to see the pictures, because I’m really going to go to bed tonight.  Happy Winter Solstice, y’all!