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Advent Calendar 2017: 11 - Our Neighborhood

Dec 11th – Our Neighborhood

Let’s go for a little walk!  You’ve seen the nature side of our ‘hood… now I’ll show you the walk to the town center.  And today it snowed and is so so lovely.  Everyone was acting as if nothing had happened.  Most people on the subway were wearing sneakers with short socks.  Fancy coats with furry hoods, but sneakers and short socks.  I was wearing long-johns under my jeans, two pairs of socks  and my extra warm winter hiking boots.  And a fancy coat with a fake-furry hood.  

We really enjoy our neighborhood.  There are preschools and playgrounds around every turn.  (Maybe one day we'll get to use one of the preschools!!) The two grade schools are good.  People are friendly on average and there is a homegrown art scene as Bagarmossen (our neighborhood) is where a lot of the artists and other misfits moved after Sodermalm was gentrified.  Bagarmossen is heading that way too, and we understand why!  Easy to get to the city, beautiful with access to nature.  Good amenities.  Bagarmossen means Baker’s Hat.  The town center is surrounded by a circle of apartment complexes (and a few houses on the outskirts) in the shape of a baker’s hat.  I love looking at maps of places, so here is a link to our place.  

We are a short walk to the subway.  We go out of our courtyard, through an awesome covered walkway, down a path, under the road via a tunnel.  Then down the path a little further (taking note of the hilarious cat ramps attached to balconies here and there to allow cats access to second floor apartments).  We pass the yummy bakery and the subway is on the right.  We’re on the Green line 17… just like Portland!

Further into the square we have two grocery stores, a pharmacy, four hair dressers, two bars, a handful of restaurants, most take-away, a church, a library and a Kulturskola which teaches kids from 6-22 awesome things like dance and music for really cheap.  There is a Christmas tree up right now, it looks a little anemic to tell the truth.   But then we head to the subway, I have an errand to run in Gamla Stan.

Getting out to go Gamla Stan was fairly magical.  I stopped at the Christmas market there, it was adorable and had a few nice stalls.  Not as nice as Helsinki's though!  The best part of the adventure, though, was walking in our neighborhood.

In our part of town the snow was falling, enough to cover everything.  The lights in windows and trees when I walked home were just so lovely.  Everyone was coming home at the end of the day, the train was packed.  And it was 4:15 when I left downtown.