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Advent Calendar 2017: 10 - Nature!

Dec 10th – Nature!

It's pretty amazing here, the access to nature, even without getting in the car we can escape the city in minutes.  We hoped to live on the edge of town so we could get outside more often and to wilder places but we ultimately decided that getting jobs and making friends was a higher priority.  We knew there were some green spaces on the map but we had no idea!  I’ve been amazed at the richness of parks here!  We live on the backside of Nacka Rerservat (Nacka Nature Reserve) and it’s amazing.  Within 5-10 minutes we’re in an enormous reserve with trails that go for days.  There is a conference center with a sauna about a 30 min walk from our place over bridges and lakes.  In the summer people swim in the lakes around the area because, get this, they are clean!  And according to our neighborhood facebook group, people are making the plunge now as well! I’m not that Swedish yet!!

In the reserve there is also a super cute little golf club house and golf course.  They have classes for kids.  There is a pet cemetery.   There are wide paths that are perfect for strollers and single track also that lets you get into the wilds.  You have to be careful which paths you chose because you can get really far in before seeing a map of how to get back out!!  We took our friend Tine for a walk and were gone WAY longer than planned because we just got so far in.  It was beautiful, though!  And Felix made it the whole way.  

And this is just one park.  There is another nature reserve of similar size just 15 mins down the road, and it doesn’t stop there.  Sweden and Finland even have a law called Allmans Rätt that allows people access to most of the private land so long as you are walking and being respectful.  And the other parks are amazing too, but we struggle to get out of our own neighborhood long enough to get to know them!  

Here are pictures from Swedish nature, just a small collection.  I didn't repeat the ones from Day 1 of the advent calendar.  Some photos are also from Sigesta Gård on Värmdö.  

And when we’re in Finland and the weather is a little warmer, we have two places to spend way out on the islands.  Felix LOVED being out on the islands this summer.  He was free to roam, enjoyed learning all about the flora and fauna and decided that he prefers to use the outhouse to a regular toilet because he gets an amazing view. 

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He learned to scramble over the big granite rocks and figure out which ones were slippery.  He told me today that he wants to live in the country or by the water, but that he doesn’t like the city.  This makes it hard to explore the beautiful city because he complains most of the time, but I love that he loves being outside! It’s nice that we have a lot of that close even though we’re in the city.  We’re really enjoying all the trees and rich mushroom life.  Now to find a spot where we can enjoy sunsets too!   Here are some pictures from our summer in Finland.  Just a few... there are way too many more!