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Nearly 2 years later

Oct 2016

Nearly two years later I find the time and energy to pick this back up.  I'll try to include some photographic highlights of two years worth of life with littles.  My wife and I had our second baby, a girl, in April, and so were pregnant and experiencing that crazy whirlwind.  Our daughter was born at home in a beautiful but intense and normal-crazy birth, all healthy and all perfect outcomes.  Our midwives are amazing and heroes every day. 

I suffered a concussion in February of this year and that derailed our whole life, especially my photography, since I wasn't allowed to look at any screens for several months.  Talk about a change in lifestyle!!  Good in many ways.  We've celebrated holidays, watched the seasons change, watched our children grow.  We've visited family in Finland and in Texas a few times and contemplate moving everyone overseas in the next year. 

I started back to full-time, reliable work to help support my family, and in that have put photography in the backseat, but still very much in the car.  Stability and regularity are good for me, as is biking to work every day!  Exercise does me a world of good.  In all, it's been a rich two years!  Where will our adventures lead to next?  Time will tell, for now the adventure is the day to day with two kids, two jobs, a serious side job and dreams to chase.  Onward!