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Weekly Journal: Nov 16 - 22

Today was a day that I reveled in the reality that instead of sitting in an office, and my son in a corporate day care, we were at the awesome nature park laughing at the ducks as they popped their bums up to get food on the bottom of the little spring that runs through it.  We've been sick all week (still), and the day before I survived by sticking my son in front of screens ALL.DAY.LONG.  It was all either of us wanted to do, and by the next morning he was a MESS.  He would have been diagnosed ADHD in a heartbeat; he was emotionally fragile, he was being super defiant, and it was an incredible challenge to get us out the door with the rain gear we needed before he destroyed the house.   But we made it, and once the fresh air hit our faces, rain and all, everything began to melt in both of us.  He dug in the sand, felt the rain on our faces, ran and played hide and seek.  By the time we were watching the ducks together on our way out, he was very nearly back to normal, despite his sickness.  Now, everyone knows that screen-time is bad for children, and some days I win the fight agains them, and some days I lose.  It has become "life". 

However, all of this observing has made me wonder what all this screen time does to OUR adult brains as well.  I'm glad I got a good long break today, with fresh (if wet) air and hilarious ducks.  So ponder that, and go watch some ducks, because I didn't take any pics of them.    Sorry, we were living in the moment!