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Capturing life's moments, big and small, through portraiture and documentary story telling.

Photography in Stockholm, Sweden. Documentary photography focusing on families and weddings. Portraits of maternity, infants, children, families, professionals.

Weekly Journal: Nov 9 - 15

This was a week of hangin' at home.  We were waiting out a poo-strike, got frozen in during a "big weather event," which in Portland means they cancelled school for a day over some freezing rain.  It was nothing much; we were just plain cold, so we mostly stayed in.  Wimpy, stupid, put-some-more-clothes-on cold.  But I haven't found my stash of winter layers yet, so we stayed in.  Then we went out on Friday for the first time in days, landed at Cafe Au Play where we picked up a gnarly virus and got to share it with friends before we knew about it.  Oy.  But good friends, the kind who you walk in on baking and your toddlers share a who-can-make-the-loudest-sounds contest out of excitement to play together.  And then we were sick, and stayed in all day ... again.  On the bright side, it's been a productive week for working!