LC Forstén Fotograf

Capturing life's moments, big and small, through portraiture and documentary story telling.

Photography in Stockholm, Sweden. Documentary photography focusing on families and weddings. Portraits of maternity, infants, children, families, professionals.

Toddler "SMILE!"  ... always hilarious, not photogenic! 

Toddler "SMILE!"  ... always hilarious, not photogenic! 

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Want to get to know me?  See my journal or check out my Instagram.  @cardamomandhoney.   Beware, I'm sarcastic.

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Lucy Caudill Forstén

I fumbled around with cameras throughout my childhood and had the good fortune to sign up for photography in high school, where I bought my first SLR (a Nikon F3) and fell in love.  I found solace in the red-lit darkroom (and in the all-dark darkroom when rolling film, my hands still remember!).  I mastered my little film camera and have been shooting ever since.  I graduated from Duke University with a Bachelors in Fine Art and afterwards taught photography (in that little darkroom I fell in love with) for two years before getting lost in other interests and careers.  

I have come back behind the lens as I've transitioned into parenthood and enjoy the time I get to quietly pour over images again.  I love to document the love, light, and frustrations of life.  Together, it makes life even sweeter.  Family life is full of it all; as a mom of a preschooler and an infant, I know!. I love to meet new people and make new friends - give a call and let's make some magical memories together... and with the photographs you'll even be able to remember them!

XO, LCForstén